Your Evening News
05/06/2021 - 5:00am
KRTV travelled to Stanford on Tuesday for a story on their evening news recognizing Don (Andy) Andersen’s 60th anniversary of being Stanford’s premier barber. Photo by Melody Montgomery


Denton Booster Club high on community support

The purchase of the scoreboard in the Denton School gymnasium is one of the items the Booster Club has purchased in support of the school and its students since 2004. Photo courtesy of Denton School

05/06/2021 - 5:00am
Without a doubt, COVID-19 has had drastic effects across the country, even though there were fewer cases in Montana. However, the tenacity (or perseverance) of locals keeps the pioneer spirit alive. Such was the case on April 24 when the Denton...


“That’s No Minister: That’s old Gus Hammer.” (Second and Final Part)
05/06/2021 - 5:00am
Brother Van for a while ministered with Francis Asbury Riggin. Riggin was a gentleman preacher from Pennsylvania who had received a very good education. He was sent west partly for the sake of his health. He arrived in Montana in the early 1870s. He...